A full service partnership

BriteVox manages the full end to end campaign for our charity and commercial partners, ensuring that quality, integrity and professionalism are front and centre. 

Our track record demonstrates high quality with high volume of acquisitions in both regular giving and lottery marketing campaigns and customer acquisition campaigns.

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BriteVox offers the following services

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Campaign strategy, creative & proposition design

Using our knowledge of the market to create unique and compelling supporter and customer propositions to deliver your return on investment.

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Demographic analysis
and planning

Working in partnership with Experian and their MosaicTM platform to ensure your campaigns are conducted in optimal territories.

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Territory management and site management

We take the headache out of managing all licences, permissions, bookings and notifications.

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and planning

We manage all the collateral fulfilment, and who and what needs to be where.

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Delivering your campaign and keeping you up to date with your results, KPIs and innovations.

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Quality assurance management and customer service

Compliance and treating supporters and customers fairly is at the heart of what we do.

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Recruitment of quality supporters
and customers

Delivering your fundraising objectives and growth strategies.

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 Data process mapping, data management and operations

Processing your supporter and customer data with accuracy and security, and integrating this into your systems.

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and analysis

Using our extensive knowledge of the fundraising and customer acquisition market to provide you with data driven strategies and innovations.